Steven Disagrees

from by Andy Smash

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I started writing this song many years ago to encourage a friend, but I ran out of lyrics. I kept coming back to it, but the character in the song kept changing, and the song became less encouraging. So ultimately it's become a song that might remind any number of people of nothing in particular, and to leave them feeling pretty much the same as before. But at least they can listen to this song while they're doing that.


If you're standing on the corner
Down on Dewey Avenue
And you should hear a bad old Mopar rumble
That's a slant six passing through.

Don't even bother saying
'Cause he already knows
That car is none too easy on the eyes
But it gets him where he goes.

Just don't get in his way
'Cause that car ain't got no brakes
And it doesn't matter what you say--
Steven disagrees.

Steven never went to college
Can't be bothered with no school
It ain't too easy getting what you want
If you don't play by the rules.

Uncle Sam couldn't take him
Uncle Sam, he didn't know
That Steven functions like a force of nature
No one tells him where to go

He don't let it get him down
He's got the baddest set of wheels in town
Just as long as he don't have to slow down--
Steven disagrees with guitar.

I ain't gonna tell you nothing
That you already shouldn't know
But you really gotta pay it forward
If you won't pay as you go.

And I ain't the one to blame you
Just 'cause things got outta hand
If this means you gotta knuckle under
I won't think you less a man

I try to warn him once again
It's not the drop, it's the sudden end
You try to tell the man, but then again--
Steven Disagrees.


from AllOne EP, released June 24, 2011
Andy Smash: all vocals and instrumentation.



all rights reserved