AllOne EP

by Andy Smash

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I put this project together for David Brewer, a friend of mine from seminary days. He now operates a ministry in Portland, Oregon called AllOne, matching churches in the St. John's neighborhood with needs in that community. David's creating a video presentation to bring AllOne to a broader stage, and asked me and several of his other musician friends to contribute.

David requested material that he'd remember from our time at seminary. I had a couple of songs from that period which never really went anywhere, and I had an unused drum track from a song culled from our first EP (recorded while I was in school). The unifinished-ness of these songs had been bugging me, so I jumped at the chance. Two newer songs presented themselves as well.

I don't know much about the West Coast, but I do know Western New York. I thought I'd focus on the part of the world nearest and dearest to me, knowing that David feels the same way about Portland. So here's the finished product--a love letter to Rochester and Portland both, decorated with photos from a trip I took through Rochester's abandoned subway. Bon appetít.


released June 24, 2011

Andy Smash--music, vocals, and instruments.
Jim Schreck--lead guitar on Midlife Crisis Car and Set 'em Up.



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Track Name: Steven Disagrees
If you're standing on the corner
Down on Dewey Avenue
And you should hear a bad old Mopar rumble
That's a slant six passing through.

Don't even bother saying
'Cause he already knows
That car is none too easy on the eyes
But it gets him where he goes.

Just don't get in his way
'Cause that car ain't got no brakes
And it doesn't matter what you say--
Steven disagrees.

Steven never went to college
Can't be bothered with no school
It ain't too easy getting what you want
If you don't play by the rules.

Uncle Sam couldn't take him
Uncle Sam, he didn't know
That Steven functions like a force of nature
No one tells him where to go

He don't let it get him down
He's got the baddest set of wheels in town
Just as long as he don't have to slow down--
Steven disagrees with guitar.

I ain't gonna tell you nothing
That you already shouldn't know
But you really gotta pay it forward
If you won't pay as you go.

And I ain't the one to blame you
Just 'cause things got outta hand
If this means you gotta knuckle under
I won't think you less a man

I try to warn him once again
It's not the drop, it's the sudden end
You try to tell the man, but then again--
Steven Disagrees.
Track Name: Andy Smash featuring Jim Schreck. - Set 'em Up and Shut 'em Down
Two lane blacktop
Gotta keep my motor poppin'
Toolbox in the back and the pedal on the mat
Tach is riding high as I'm pushing through the night
Hallstead, Great Bend, hoping for a happy ending

Look out, Slick, you're gonna get hit
I'm heading for the State Line, riding on the center line
Don't get too excited if you think you're gonna try
I set 'em up

Langdon, Conklin, Corbettsville, Riverside
Brookdale, Liberty, Silver Lake and Brackney
Muscle car ride with the sway bar tight
Keep the rubber side down & it'll all be all right

Look out Slick, you're gonna get hit
New York State line, riding on the yellow line
Don't get too excited if you think you're gonna try
I set 'em up

Great Bend, late June, lookin' for the local goons
Lexus, Superbee, Chevrolet don't scare me
Motorcraft Ford watch my four-speed four-door
Hope I keep my shirt, & I hope no one gets hurt but

Look out Slick, you're gonna get hit
Gumball red lights flashing in the dark of night
Don't get too excited if you think you're gonna try
I set 'em up
And shut 'em down.