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True story. Drums and Guitar 2 recorded in my parents' garage, 1996-ish. Drums are the gold-sparkle '62 Slingerlands that I used in Burning Icons. I still miss them.


Twilight dims and the night seems to spin
Secondaries kick in but the motor can handle it;
Stomach tight but the moment is right
And the night opens up with a moan

T-bars twist and the torque is a fist
that is pressing me back in my seat in the misty night
pressing back is the tires' attack
but the power I feel is my own

Let this road be my home

'Cause I've got the wheel
Windsor steel
I've got the wheel
Windsor steel.

Pedal pushed to the floor, gravel stinging the doors
Can there be something more unsustainable?
Gasoline for my veins and my mortal remains
Are along for the ride

No identity save for this sheet metal cage
and the scars that remain with no antidote
there to ease all the pain or the burns in my brain
from restraining my mind--

My destruction is mine

And I've got the wheel
Windsor steel

Take this ride and the wings from my mind
It's a slow suicide but there's hope at the end of it
I'm maintaining my faith that I won't be betrayed
If I reach out in trust

This erosion I feel, this corrosion won't heal
But I know love is real; I rely on it
If I offer my faith you won't lay me to waste
Or just leave me to rust

As I crumble to dust

I've got the wheel
Windsor steel.
I've got the wheel…


from These Are The Better Days EP, released August 26, 2016



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