The Leap Year Single

by Andy Smash & the Rust Belt Hotrods

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released February 29, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Long Gone & Far Away
Your sordid prophecy has got inside my mind
So quick to tell me that it's time I put my past behind me--
There ain't no doubt about that.

Long gone & far away from all this

Think what you're doing when you get inside my head
And all you wanna do is sit around and talk of dying--
There ain't no doubt about that.

Long gone & far away from all this

You wanna set the rules, but I don't wanna play
Your stained deliverance has crossed a line that's past deciding:
There ain't no doubt about that.

Long gone…
Track Name: 104 (EP Version)
Carl's got a Buick and he's built it to the nines
He knows just what to do with it, he's done it many times
Keeps it full of hi-test, runs it one quart short of oil
He don't have much cash in it, just sweat & blood & toil

Louie's got his Plymouth set up light & low & fast
His mom says don't you drive that way, you know you're gonna crash
Buys a plastic figurine, she's doing all she can
To trust her little baby boy into Jesus' plastic hands

Jesus riding shotgun & the pedal on the floor
Running from the Devil and the cops on 104
Don't you get no ticket, boy, you know you got no cash
If you keep on driving thataway, you know you're bound to crash
Yeah, you know you're gonna crash

Uncle Abner's running goods through Port Ontario
Carl runs the cigarettes through the wind & rain & snow
Carl's got his dignity, you know he can't hold back
When Louie's little Plymouth comes a-caterwauling past


As they top the graveyard ridge, the snow begins to fly
Louie's in the left-hand lane & someone's bound to die
Abner's coming towards them in his bright red pickup truck
You know this night is gonna end with someone out of luck…


(Fun drum fill)

(Chorus again, with a little joke this time)


Track Name: Hotrod of the Apocalypse
Vroom, vroom.